Leisurely saunas

We invite you to take a relaxing time-out during a private visit to the sauna. You can choose between the Finnish and the bio sauna – booked for you personally once in four days:

It’s warm and cosy in our Finnish sauna, which we will heat up for you according to your individual wishes. Choose the temperature between 80-100 degrees that’s comfortable for you and relax in dry or moist air as desired.

If you don’t like it quite that hot, experience pure relaxation in our bio sauna with its higher level of air moisture. Here, too, we regulate the temperature between 45-60 degrees according to your wishes.

Then you can spend some time in “your” enchanting wellness area: just what you need after a long beach stroll in the North Sea breeze – time to really breathe.

If you would like to enjoy the beneficial warmth and fragrant aromas more often, booking a 90-minute session in the sauna costs € 20.00.